Woodside Bay logo Award winning olive oil. Gold Medal and Best in Class - 2016 New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards Awards Certificates Woodside Bay - Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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The extra virgin olive oil created from this small olive grove located above Woodside Bay, Waiheke Island has won Best in Class at the 2016 New Zealand Olive Oil Awards with its first ever entry into the contest.

More than half of the trees in the grove produce koroneiki olives which are small but very generous in the oil they yield. The koroneiki olives have a peppery flavour which is mellowed by being blended with the softer flavours of the verdale and frantoio olives that grow alongside.

The olives are hand picked each May in a few leisurely days of harvest, with friends and family, and laughter and sunshine. The fruit is then pressed at the local Rangihoua press, where the oil is also bottled. It is then rested, further mellowing the flavours to produce an extra virgin olive oil of the very finest quality, with the perfect balance of flavour and maturity.